PAROL is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication app for iPad. The app offers a gallery of images, pictograms, and sounds to help children express themselves and interact successfully with the world. The visual and acoustic environment of this application can be entirely customized to fit specific needs. CommunicoTool works in a collaborative development network (Speech and ABA therapists, patient organizations) to ensure that therapeutic update and knowledge are blended in the product line.

8 Modules


The Basic Core vocabulary module with its small set of commonly used words supports the language learning.


The communication module is intended for expression, learning and memorization of the everyday words and sentences with the use of icons and images.


The Emotion module allows the expression of emotions and needs through simple interactive icons.


The Communication+ module allows you to combine multiple pictograms or images to create a sentence.


The Dolor module is dedicated to the expression and evaluation of pain. It allows the user to locate pain on a human body and to indicate its intensity.


The timer module enables the execution of a timed task and programmed timers. It is fully customizable. You can also personalize the timer by default.


The sequence module helps create activity sequences with icons, images and timers. All is fully customizable.


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